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  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: These boxing gloves are made up of premium Matte leather with exceptional built quality. Machine-crafted with state of the art crafting technology powered by triple density foam coupled with mesh panels embedded in the internals of the gloves for heat regulation.
  • SHOCK ABSOPRTION: These boxing and MMA gloves offer maximum absorption through the reinforced palm design. They provide 100% full attached thumb for optimum injury prevention. Additionally, stress is significantly reduced upon using these gloves as they absorb high-impact shocks.
  • VERSTYLE USE: With all these features, boxers are offered great comfort when throwing their powerful punches. They have great value for boxing and are made especially for versatile training needs specifically MMA, Muay Thai and speed workout.
  • SNUG-FIT: It has strong wrist support to promote prevention of wrist and hand bruises. It has more extensive cuffs design and looks compact due to extra padding. The premium wrist strap of the gloves is also broad and can be tightened for snug fit and comfort.
  • REINFORCED STICHING: The stitches of the gloves are very intricate, and the padding is secured. These gloves will last for a long time. These gloves can be used by both men and women as well as by the kids and youth boxers at all levels, including amateur, experienced, and professional fighters.

The FISTRAGE Boxing Matte Leather gloves are designed with reinforced palm for better protection. These gloves are lighter than most boxing gloves in the market. Furthermore, the gloves have extended cuffs for optimum wrist protection. The mesh in the internals of the gloves is designed to keep the hands cool and dry. There is an even distribution of the weight along the forearms and hands. Thus, the hands feel lighter, can work faster, and stay protected all throughout. The boxing MMA gloves boast the extra protection to the hands and fist. Each pair of these gloves has generous padding even along the knuckles side. Also, these boxing gloves can be used for long hours without stinking and feel hotness in the hands of the boxers. The protection feature of these gloves is superior. There is no soreness in the knuckles upon using these gloves. These gloves are ideal for hitting a heavy bag. The men and women boxing gloves provide both comfort and protection while maintaining as much power as possible. They are useful to use for mitts training, heavy bag hitting, sparring, and even for leisure and fitness purposes. For optimum training the collective use of boxing gloves and pads by FISTRAGE is recommended.