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  • FISTRAGE Perfect combination of Performance, Stylish and comfort Urban Warfare shin guards from offer an incredible protection for your body as well as an amazing design.
  • The FISTRAGE Professional Shin Guard was created to combine the highest possible standards of comfort with the required Professional safety standards. Muay thai Boxing, MMA Professional Leather Grappling Shin-Instep Guards have featured articulated foam panels over the ankle and instep that provide additional comfort and enhanced performance structures with 100%. This combination of high tech and traditional materials gives you modern day comfort and old fashioned durability and strength.
  • These are top notch, top quality handmade Guards which are constructed from select hides of full Flex Leather with extra thick Membrane Gel Shock Padding for formidable grappling protection. Multi-layer extra thick padding for maximum protection. Dual cross directional strap system for ultimate support and striking performance this feature ensures the proper positioning of the Shin and will make you feel like the Shins were tailored made to fit you.
  • And you will feel total comfort and security when wearing the Shins.
  • High density foam with additional padding (shinbone and instep) for enhanced Shock Absorption. Large Velcro straps for a no-slip fit Strong Closing Velcro System Convenient Adjustable Strap Hook and-loop straps Really Secure

Premium Synthetic leather construction is part of what helps the FISTRAGE Shin Guards stick out from the competition. They utilize high impact foam with leather outer for great performance. Hard blows are absorbed with ease. Another notable aspect of FISTRAGE shin guards are their stitch-free design. The lack of interior stitches means increased comfort and no pressure from stitching pressing against your body. The wide design of these guards provides great protection. The maximum protection helps prevent injuries during training and sparring. These shin guards have a simple, minimalist design and matt finishing. Constructed from high density foam and polyester fabric, the shin guards are incredibly lightweight to promote the utmost in mobility. Seriously though, these shin guards provide the ultimate in protection. Their Synthetic leather design means that they absorb heavy shocks like no other.


✔ Developed from the ground up with Muay Thai in mind, these shin guards are ergonomically designed to fit to the legs and feet.

✔ Their specialized contours provide excellent comfort. FISTRAGE Shin Guards provide adequate coverage to protect your shins and legs while training and sparring.

✔ Impressive lightweight construction, open backs for improved circulation, and flexibility for even more comfort.

✔ FISTRAGE shin guards themselves are made from high-density foam. A synthetic leather shell covers them. This combination provides the utmost in shock-absorption.

✔ Seriously though, these kickboxing shin guards provide the ultimate in protection. The leather design also promotes durability. 

✔ Even after years of heavy use and abuse, these shin protectors will provide as much protection as the day you bought them.