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  • Padded center that absorbs strong punches

  • Targets to enhance your accuracy and power

  • Contoured hand pockets with snug fit

  • Velcro wrist strap

  • Synthetic leather body

  • Feature contours that promote proper alignment of wrists and shoulders

Boxers, MMA fighters and home workout enthusiasts alike can benefit from adding the VELO™ boxing pad to their stockpile of gear. These Matte Leather focus mitts are constructed with a curved design that is ideal for with standing countless jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

For some extra cushioning, they include special shock-absorbing padding. Built with a rounded mound for your palm, the Thai Strike pad place your hands in a natural cupping position that’s ideal for absorbing blows, which leads to enhanced comfort.

A hook and loop closured wrist strap makes them easy to slip on and off. With a lightweight, genuine synthetic matte leather design, the VELO pad offer trusted protection and quality.

In simple terms, VELO™ MMA target can help one train with power and accuracy. These can be a perfect choice for trainers. Most importantly, they have a special shock-absorbing padding. They place the hands of a user in a natural cupping position which is most appropriate for absorbing blows.

This makes the user feel comfortable while using them. They are easy to slip off and on owing to Velcro wrist strap. They have dense foam padding that offers maximum shock absorption hence optimal protection during boxing and martial arts training.