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  • FISTRAGE Demolish boxing gloves are handmade with durable and authentic cowhide leather that will not batter easily. The cowhide outer is matched with a low-density membrane grid foam inner that densely pads the knuckles from the power of fist-meeting-face impact. The palm and wrists are protected with a thin but effective sheet of shock-absorbent gel that absorbs any excess force.
  • The interior of the gloves is lined with antibacterial wicks that pull the moisture away from the hands to keep them ventilated and cool. The new elastic hook-and-loop strap secures and supports the blows while keeping the wrist aligned with the hand for true-to-form punching stance. These gloves are also ideal for muay thai training and sparring with trainers and punching bags.
  • Handcrafted boxing gloves manufactured with authentic cowhide leather for durability Layered with max-shock foam that works double-time to pad the hand and redistribute shock across the glove
  • Multiple layers over the palm to trap and disperse force The new strap system supports and secures the wrist, keeping it correctly aligned and minimizing risk of injury
  • Antibacterial wick interior absorbs sweat to keep hands dry, clean and odor-free

FISTRAGE Demolish Boxing gloves are designed with reinforced palm for better protection. The protection feature of these gloves is superior. There is no soreness in the knuckles upon using these gloves. This deluxe quality FISTRAGE Demolish four layered Unique Gel Boxing Gloves are made from Genuine Matt Cowhide Leather in order to bring the finest fighting experience at the best price. Four layered density foam integrated into the gloves give you an unbelievable balance and shock distribution fight after fight. You will be able to increase your striking level while minimizing the stress sensation at the impact areas. The top layer is stitched with leather in order to provide an extra thickness for increased density and protection. This technology keeps your hands and wrist fully protected during heavy bag and pad work with the MMA Kickboxing Gloves. The smooth lining offers a fast drying and an optimal dispersal of sweat, for an increased comfort and an effective moisture management.