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About Fistrage

Welcome to Fistrage, your premier destination for top-quality boxing equipment in the USA. We offer a comprehensive range of boxing accessories, including Women Boxing Gloves, Boxing Gloves and Pads, and the best arm blaster for arm blaster curls. Discover our durable Punching Bags for Sale in USA and perfect your technique with our double end speed ball, double end punching ball, and double end ball boxing options. For young fans, our kids boxing set is designed for safety and fun. Our products, including boxing gloves made in the USA, ensure superior performance and safety. Check out our wide range of boxing equipment, and add our boxing hand wraps to your training regimen to make it even more effective. Join the Fistrage community and experience the best in boxing accessories USA has to offer.

Why Choose Fistrage?

At Fistrage, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate destination for all your boxing equipment needs in the USA. Here’s why you should choose us:


The best materials are used in the making of our boxing equipment and accessories to guarantee longevity and optimal performance. Whether you need Boxing Gloves and Pads, Women Boxing Gloves, or a kids boxing set, our products are designed to withstand rigorous training sessions.

Extensive Product Range

We offer a wide selection of boxing gear to meet all your needs. From Punching Bags for Sale in USA and double end speed balls to double end punching balls and double end ball boxing options, we have everything you need to enhance your training. Our boxing gloves made in the USA and boxing hand wraps provide the perfect blend of comfort and protection.

Innovative Designs

We consider the most recent advances when designing our products. Our double end balls and best arm blaster for arm blaster curls are perfect examples of how we integrate modern technology to improve your training experience.

Expert Guidance

Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you choose the right equipment. Whether you're looking for the best double end speed ball or a comprehensive kids boxing set, we provide personalized recommendations to suit your specific needs and skill level.


Sacs de vitesse mats

Cuir microfibre de qualité supérieure pour une durabilité extrême. Conception équilibrée avec vessie longue durée pour des rebonds optimaux pendant l'entraînement physique. Coutures à la main renforcées; riveté et stratifié à la perfection incassable. Pivot en acier inoxydable pour une suspension et une fixation robustes.

Community and Support

At Fistrage, we believe in fostering a supportive community of boxing enthusiasts. Follow us on social media for training tips, product updates, and inspirational stories. We’re more than just a store; we’re a community committed to helping you achieve your boxing goals.

Choose Fistrage for top-quality boxing equipment in the USA and experience the difference in performance and support. Explore our extensive range of products today and take your boxing training to the next level.