Fist Rage “Shoes with Soul” 


Objective: To provide quality wrestling shoes to students from disadvantaged backgrounds free of charge.

1)These shoes will be given through the head wrestling coach of said high school, club, or organization. When these shoes are presented to the school, club, or organization it will be listed on the Fist Rage website as a program participant. Individual names will not be listed, only participating school, club, or organization names will be listed.


2) Each head coach must have their Athletic Director or Authorizing authority co-sign to insure there are no problems using the school name on Fist Rage website. Clubs and organizations must have responsible members co-sign.


3) Any pictures, quotes, comments submitted of coaches, administrators, or wrestlers can be used on the Fist Rage website.


How This Works


  1. Contact program administrator to receive application.  Application will ask for student name and shoe size, and school, club or organization information.


2)  Initially a maximum of 5 pairs per school. If more than 5 are needed please contact program administrator.


3) Release permitting Fist Rage to use school, club, or Organization name as participant must be submitted before  participation in this program can commence.


4) With this program Schools, Clubs, and Non profit organization can order customized equipment (shoes uniform headgear ets) at discounted wholesale prices 

 How to be the part of the program?

To be part of the Shoes with Soul program, Download the below form fill it and send it to



Our Director





  Mark A. Mehler (Wrestler, Coach)