FISTRAGE ARM BLASTER Curl Support Bicep Forearm

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  • Lightweight Curl Bar Assist

  • Neck Padding to Prevent Pain Arm Blaster

  • Elbow Padding to Prevent Pain Curl Assist Support

  • Non-Slip Top Grip Elbow Pads Arm Curl Support

  • Heavy Duty Nylon Straps Curl Blaster

  • Adjustable Bicep Curls


FISTRAGE Arm Blaster Biceps Curl Support is an ideal tool for weight lifting and bodybuilding for both beginners and experienced trainers. Keeping the elbow still during barbell curls is hard, almost impossible. This bicep isolator halts the swaying and momentum.

It locks the elbows closer to the body and continually maintains the isolation during bicep curls and triceps workouts. Its posture support technology helps to build lean and big muscles.

Features a unique contoured rigid design, high-grade aluminum frame, thick elbow pads, adjustable padded neck strap with quick-release function, and a heavy metal buckle for the clip. It is durable and does not bend, break, or buckle under pressure or heavyweight. It has a scratch-resistant matte finish.

The Velcro strap and neck pad are made of webbed nylon and neoprene, respectively. The adjustable belt, padded neck, and quick release mechanism provide a comfortable bicep and triceps workout and eliminates the pain.

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