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  • V-Foam padded with Gel Inner Glove

  • State-of-the-art cushioning

  • Elastic Fiber Woven Polyester with Stitched fingers and thumb hole

  • Wrap around cotton bandage with long-lasting sticking Velcro closing

  • Full Wrist Wrap-Strap

  • Supportive fit and slim design to fit under training gloves


FISTRAGE Gel padded inner Boxing hand wraps take the place of traditional hand wraps because these are easy and quick to wear before the training session. The use of Velcro closure supports your wrist and gives the trainer a natural movement during indoor and outdoor activities.

All the finger holes are specially stitched to fit on fingers and the durable Gel Padded Foam protects the hands of the trainer. We make it very lightweight with breathable cotton polyester material fiber fabric with thumb holes and stitched fingers along with Long Wrap around cotton bandage with Velcro closing and the long cotton bandage make the gloves in their actual position which makes the gloves nonslippery.

These Mitts play a vital role in the protection of fingers, Knuckles, and wrists from any injuries. The Muay Thai MMA boxer uses FISTRAGE inner wrist wraps as an alternative to traditional wraps.

These Mitts are not only used for one purpose but also for speedball grappling MMA Training sessions. It is the best option for beginners and also for professional fighters to use FISTRAGE grappling inner wraps in their session and available in Small, Medium, and Large, Extra-large sizes, all wraps sold as a pair.